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Mad Cow Theatre announces our first annual Women’s Voices Play Festival of new works by emerging and established female and female-identifying playwrights. With the mission of focusing on the word, Mad Cow Theatre is excited to bring more stories to life focused on the female voice.

Festival Performance Dates

august 11th
Women's roundtable discussion

August 12th - 16th
Live virtual play readings

Access to each virtual reading is free to the public, but registration is required. The Women's Roundtable Discussion will be streamed live to the Mad Cow Theatre Facebook page, but registration is encouraged to guarantee access to the event.

Featured Plays and Playwrights


One Stone by Kathleen Cahill | Wednesday, August 12th | 7:00PM
$10 suggested donation | REGISTER HERE

A passionate, historically-based love story between two scientists — one who became internationally famous, and one who disappeared in a cloud of depression and mental illness. It is a true story about the sexual, emotional, and intellectual relationship between Albert Einstein and the physicist Mileva Maric — his first wife. It dramatizes the uncredited role she played in Einstein’s great conceptual achievements, and raises questions about how gender affects the success or failure of talent. It is a historical play which leads us to ask if it is any easier for women in science today.


My Life As You by Laura Rohrman | Thursday, August 13th | 7:00PM
$10 suggested donation | REGISTER HERE

A psychological comedy that touches on the very core of what troubles young women today: their minds. Thinking that the grass is always greener on the other side, Stella—a young advertising executive—breaks up with her boyfriend, quits her job and decides to “rediscover” herself in a new city. With the help of her friend Diana she moves to Chicago—only to discover that her friend is to become her biggest challenge. What begins as a friendly competition between roommates turns into a psychological battle of wills of epic proportions. Sparks fly as the two women go to great lengths to become what they think will make them happy: each other.


Mountain Law by Melissa Leilani Larson | Friday, August 14th | 7:00PM
$10 suggested donation | REGISTER HERE

In the fall of 1850, Tamson English was alone with three young children on the Western frontier for more than a year. Haunted by guilt over an extramarital affair, Tamson convinces herself that God has trapped her in the wilderness as a punishment for her sins. When she prays for a reprieve, an old friend appears at her door—but it’s hard to know whether his coming is a miracle or a curse.


Sapience by Diana Burbano | Saturday, August 15th | 7:00PM
$10 suggested donation | REGISTER HERE

Primatologist Dr. Elsa Abello is on the autism spectrum, and has successfully hidden this fact from the world for her entire career. She is working with an orangutan named Wookie, whom she hopes to prove is capable of speaking human language. Elsa’s 12 year old nephew, A.J., is also on the Autism spectrum. He is “locked in” and completely non-verbal. When A.J. and Wookie joyously discover that they can communicate with one other, Elsa's carefully constructed, science-based worldview is blown apart, and she is forced to drop the mask of seeming normalcy she has worn her whole life.


As I Was Not As I Am by Alice Hakvaag | Sunday, August 16th | 3:00PM
$10 suggested donation | REGISTER HERE

Laurel is sick. Her roommates want her to get better. How do you help someone who can't afford health insurance? Does it involve setting a car on fire? As I Was, Not As I Am is mainly about queer roommates, headaches, clubbing, upstairs neighbors, fire, and washing machines; but it's also about love: the kind that would make you do anything for each other.