Women of Pompeii

Created to enhance the experience of the Orlando Science Center’s blockbuster exhibit, Pompeii: The Immortal City, The Women of Pompeii is an original theater project that offers an archeological dig of a theatrical kind, one that focuses on the heart of life for a woman in an ancient empire.

In three, original, entertaining experiences—virtual and live—Mad Cow Theatre provides a dramatic window into the lives of the women of Pompeii.

Who were they? What did they leave behind? And what if their ghosts could tell the tale? 

the experience

The Women of Pompeii: If Their Ghosts could talk

Pompeii. A devastating eruption. An ancient fascination. A city preserved in death. But what went on before they died? And what if their ghosts could talk? In an archeological dig of a theatrical kind Mad Cow Theatre focuses on the heart of life for a woman in an ancient empire.

Drawing on history—both its data and academic assumptions—we offer the landscape of feminine life in Pompeii circa 79 AD. From wealthy landowners, midwives, and priestesses, to mothers, courtesans and slaves, we imagine what it was like to be a woman in Pompeii.

Imagine stepping into the moments just before death when these women reveal their inner most thoughts—or the grief and survivor guilt of those who got away. What did they long for or regret? What did they leave undone? In a series of linked monologues we slowly uncover the mysteries of women in this time: what they felt, who they were, what they let behind.

Pompeii in the park: Ancient Tales & Magical Myths

JANUARY 30th | LOCH HAVEN PARK | 2:00PM & 4:00PM
Part entertainment, part education, Mad Cow Theatre’s original, family-friendly show is performed on the grassy knoll of Loch Haven park on January 30th. An archaeologist and her assistant will recount the outrageous tales of the gods and goddess and of the mortal women of the time and deliver kid-friendly versions of the ancient roman myths of Pompeii.