Mad Cow Theatre and DEI: Looking Forward

Mad Cow Theatre and DEI: Looking Forward

As mentioned in our Mission Statement, here at Mad Cow Theatre, we recognize and aim to rectify the mistakes of the past. We vow to work everyday to make this theatre a place of equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility for all.

How will we accomplish our goals:

  • We will acknowledge the indigenous land that we are honored to stand upon. We acknowledge the Timucua and Tocobago people that roamed Central Florida for many years. We honor the Seminole Tribe of Florida. To know the indigenous land that you are on click here


  • We will foster a Mentorship Program to create a place for future artists of all cultures, backgrounds, and abilities to grow and excel.


  • We will strive to partner with local and national organizations serving traditionally underserved communities to learn more about how we can best represent them, and we will continue to grow our list of organizations to keep us accountable to our commitment.


  • We will make sure the proper use of pronouns are applied in all auditions and creative endeavors. We believe everyone should be addressed with the pronoun in which they identify.


  • We will acknowledge and honor that Black Lives Matter.
    Based on the history of Black people in this country, we are aware of the centuries of enslavement and that the growth of this country was based on the labor of the Black community.  When that time was legally over, a racist system was put in place to slow the equality of Black people in this country. Mad Cow Theatre will consistently work to ensure equality is our number one priority as a theatre and a light in the community.


  • We will continue our work with She Speaks to empower women. We want the creative talent of women to be in the forefront of this project. It is and will be led by powerful women with strong voices that deserve to be heard.

We acknowledge that this only marks a beginning in our journey, and that there is also more listening and learning for us to do; our DEI Mission Statement is as such a living document that will be reviewed regularly and will grow and change with time.

In sharing Mad Cow Theatre’s history and intentions moving forward, we are trying to walk the fine line between showing our commitment to the work that we need to do, and not coming across as merely performative allies. We know that the road ahead will at times be difficult, uncomfortable, emotional, and draining… but we are committed to the journey and the hopes of a more truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive space where all Orlando theatre artists and audience members can say with certainty that this is their Mad Cow Theatre.