Bringing Home the Herd Series

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From Cabarets that celebrate everything from Tinseltown and The Great White Way, to the nostalgic stories and songs of theme parks, we’ve got 12* wildly different shows featuring fifty local performers, designers and directors. And in the mix, you’ll find an evening of poetry read aloud, a delightful bedtime story to share, and a show from our next generation of stars. 

These performances are released twice a month. They are available to watch on demand for 30 days following the release.

Select single tickets now on sale for $12 per performance.

performances include:

All You Need is Love: A Valentine Cabaret - February 1

The dulcet tones, romantic lyrics, and haunting melodies of these songs from the heart remind us that, "Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged cupid painted blind."


Fish Are Friends - February 15

This ensemble of singers explores the tried-and-true themes of family and friendship, finding each other under the sea. Sharing heartwarming tales from theme park green rooms and behind-the-scenes fun, this underwater gang entertains with some of your fishy favorites.


Growing Up Broadway - March 1

And how about the next generation of on-stage talent? Well, they’ve been singing and dancing on stages all over town! But on this night, they come together to sing for you, sharing songs that have inspired them to reach for their Big Apple dreams.


Fur Load - March 15

Straight from the stages of our local theme parks, world-class singers bring you heartwarming songs made famous by your favorite furry friends. From onstage triumphs to backstage tenderness—this show is all about what it’s like to make magic for families.


Bedtime Tales of Long Ago - April 1

Do you remember Uncle Wriggly? A Wind in the Willows? Raggedy Ann and Andy? From the original stories in which animals and toys could talk—this show offers bedtime tales of long ago, sweet enough for children but more than amusing enough for adults.


The Hound of the Baskervilles - July 15

A masterpiece of mystery, farce, and suspense. Told in a madcap style, three actors breathlessly play sixteen characters in an uproarious parody of the most celebrated Sherlock Holmes novel of all time. 


Poetry Out Loud - April 15

Featuring the voices of some of Mad Cow’s most beloved actors, this is an evening of beautiful language read well. Poetry was meant to be heard, and is likewise best enjoyed when read by someone who understands the depth of its text.


Uniquely Ours - May 1

In the melting pot that is America, African sounds infuse our musical landscape. Gospel, jazz, hip-hop, even musical theater, own a sound that is uniquely ours. Informed by the past, and celebrating the future, the songs shared in this show offer a celebration of spirit and perseverance.


Avenue Q Reunion - May 15

From hilarious memoirs and behind the scenes tales, to the music of the show itself, the original cast and puppets of Mad Cow’s Avenue Q bring you the same hilarious joy that entertained sold out crowds, night after night. If you enjoyed it then, you’ll love it again!


Amplified Voices - June 1

With a promise to entertain and enlighten, this theatrical experience provides our audience an opportunity to connect with local BIPOC singers and songwriters (Black Indigenous People of Color) as they tell their stories and showcase their art.  From performance to conversation, we explore what it means to be diverse.


How to Start to Write - June 15

We’ve all got at least one story, including the one that is tucked away or the one that has yet to be imagined.  Is it a play, a short story or a poem? Join us as we talk with one of the country’s most experienced writers as we explore how to begin.

Barbershop Americana - July 1

In a mix of traditional barbershop harmony and vaudevillian comedy, this a cappella group makes friends of the audience with their nostalgic journey through early American music. Whether reliving old memories or creating new ones, this is a show to remember.


*all programming subject to change

talent includes:

Jeffery Correia

Hannah Laird

Jenn Warren

Adam Hose

Sonia Roman

Faith Boles

Christina Sivrich

Aidan Bangsund

Scott Mayers

Nicky Wilder

Lilly Brooke

Maya Neff

Kurt Von Schmittou

Savannah Grace Elmer

Kennedy Joy

Sarah Isola

Raina Grabowski

Emilie Scheetz

Rhyse Silversto

Ty Lowry

Dioone Randolph

Virginia Roebuck

Dante Lewis

Emily Murphy

Tommy Keesling

Brett Waldon

Tony Simotes

Shonn McCloud

Philip Nolen

Arlene Hutton

Joshian Morales

Brandon Martin

Faith Boles

Luerrne Herrera

B Martin

Desiree Montes

Kevin Brassard

Sonia Roman

James Channing Roman

Ame Livingston

Michael Swickard

David Almeida

Bert Rodriquez

Philip Nolen

Tyler Price