The Royale Auditions


The Royale

The Royale
By Marco Ramirez

Callbacks: Saturday, October 16
Rehearsal: Oct. 27 – Nov. 16
Performances: Nov. 17 – Dec. 5, 2021

Mad Cow Theatre is seeking professional actors for its upcoming production of The Royale. All roles are paid. AEA performers and Mad Cow work together under an Equity OAT contract.

At Mad Cow Theatre, we recognize that there have been blind spots in live theatre. We aim to rectify the mistakes of the past. We vow to work every day to make this theatre a place of equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. We understand that representation matters, and we want Mad Cow Theatre to be a place that includes all people.

Towards that end, “traditional” casting will be a thing of the past here at Mad Cow Theatre. We welcome actors of every race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, and ability to attend our auditions. We will practice casting that is gender diverse and color-conscious. We know that we will not be perfect moving forward, so we ask to be held accountable to our community. We make this commitment to you in hopes that you will join us on our journey.


Please submit one video of two contrasting monologues. The video should be no longer than three minutes. Monologues should be from a published play only.

Please submit a headshot/resume. Monologues should be recorded and uploaded to a YouTube unlisted link and without password protection. Copy the link and submit it with your audition. Label your headshot file with “your name-headshot.” Label your resume file with “your name- resume.” Example: JohnSmith-resume.doc


The year is 1905, and Jay Jackson is a gladiator in the boxing ring. He possesses strength, skills, intellect, and enormous courage. However, since he is black, challenging the white world champ also requires an abundance of ambition… and caution. It simply never happened before. Outside the ring, Jay is supported by a loyal team and a questionable promoter, but inside the ring, he is alone with the burden of generations of inequity. This six-round play—inspired by legendary fighter Jack Johnson and the “fight of the century”—brings to life an explosive encounter in segregated America while it examines the hefty price paid by an underdog in a racist nation.


The Royale

By Marco Ramirez


Jay  “The Sport” Jackson – Male, late 20s - early 30s, Black. “The Negro Heavyweight Champion.” “Weighing in at 210 pounds. Standing tall at six feet, three. Toes like Jack Nimble / Fists like John Henry.” (Weight can be adjusted.) In public, he is a gladiator with endless amounts of showboat swagger. In the press room, he is witty whilst suppressing both facts and his anger. In private, however, he lets down his guard to reveal his emotional vulnerabilities. He also sings with Fish and Wynton. 


Wynton – Male, 50s, Black. Wynton has been Jay’s trainer for 9 years. Their bond goes beyond a father-son relationship; they share a mutual connection and a mutual wound. A fixer and a former Royale fighter himself, he carries deep ambitions for Jay. He sings with Jay.


Nina – Female, 30s, Black. Jay’s older sister. She is stern, graceful, and well dressed. She loves her brother but is not blind to his faults. She worries over her two sons and does all she can to protect them. She advises, confronts and motivates her brother. She carries an internal wound of early efforts to imitate whiteness, a wound that also impacts her brother.


Fish - Male, late teens - early 20s, Black. Fish is a skilled amateur boxer. He is a tall, spirited, proud, cautious, and cynical young man from Mississippi who becomes Jay’s sparring partner. He also takes care of his grandfather. He sings with Jay and Wynton.


Max – Male, late 30s - 40s, White. Max is a fight promoter and a referee with questionable morality. He takes pride in his work but feels the weight of the historic challenge, a weight he struggles to carry. He also plays all the reporters in the interview as well as the ring announcer.


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