A Thank You To Our Interns

A message from director, Tony Simotes:

“Our interns were integral to the entire process of creating this zany and wonderful play. Their devotion to the craft and to learning was inspirational. These terrific young people added the spark and fire to our older actors and kept them running through every scene of the play.

I wanted to make sure that they were rewarded in our curtain call every night! They became such important players in this Sherlock Holmes mystery. They developed individual characters and movement that defined their work throughout the run. I was extremely proud of them and without them this production would not have been possible.

We all enjoyed the conversations and lessons that every production brings. Although there were some growing pains and serious discussions at times the entire company never forgot that these young people were and are the future and needed to be mentored and helped along the process.  I was so proud that they had a voice and stood up for their ideas. Creating something new is never easy. I think that they discovered that our older generation will listen to them, support them and work with them to achieve whatever their final goals might be!  was extremely proud of them and without them, this production would not have been possible.”

– Tony Simotes, Director The Hound of the Baskervilles

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